Refractory solutions

Refractory solutions

On an annual basis, Zampell A/S manufactures more than 600 tonnes of cast and dried out elements at our facility in Sdr. Omme, Denmark. The bespoke precast elements are designed subject to the customer’s desires and requirements. Likewise, we have an assortment of ‘standard’ Zampell solutions for installation in furnaces, etc. We provide design and manufacturing of moulds as well as consultancy on the choice of material.

Prior to delivery, the precast elements will be dried out to 500°C in our kilns. Thus, the risk of disintegration is eliminated, and – after completed installation – a facility based on a precast solution will soon be operational.

Fibre modules

Zampell manufactures and installs ceramic fibre modules (blankets) with a capacity for withstanding working temperatures as high as 1400°C. The application of fibre modules is a flexible and easy solution for areas with low mechanical wear that require a high extent of insulation. The modules are manufactured in qualities and dimensions as needed.

Work with ceramic fibres requires the preliminary notification of the national working environment authority, since the product is hazard-class labelled as being potentially carcinogenic. Having been approved for the installation of ceramic fibre products, Zampell is only required to submit annual reports to the Danish Working Environment Authority. We are thus in a position to carry out fibre installation without any preliminary notification. Our field-service technicians will wear all the protective gear required for the installation of ceramic fibre, and their experience comprises the installation of screening and certified exhaust ventilation for the purpose of preventing the scattering of fibre particles in the room.

SiC Tiles

Compression-moulded tiles of heat-conducting Silicon Carbide provide an efficient protection of boiler- piping and are relatively quickly installed. We have decades of experience in the fitting and maintenance of various systems: Rear-cast, by way of mortar, as well as rear-ventilated JuSysAir tiles for fitting with an air gap between tile and boiler wall. See system description.