Insulation – moler bricks, plates and fibre products

Insulating high-temperature fibre

Zampell markets a wide selection of Unifrax silicates and ceramic-fibre products: blankets (mats/rolls), boards (panels), paper etc., together with various packages and trimmed or folded fibre.

Insulfrax LTX is the latest generation of Unifrax silicate fibre, which is considerably stronger than earlier versions and has much less dustability. Insulfrax LTX is applicable up to 1100°C. Isofrax products are selected for silicate-fibre requirements demanding higher temperatures.

The ceramic products marketed under the ’Fiberfrax’ label, cover several temperature ranges. Where feasible, Zampell recommends the selection of silicate fibre rather than ceramic fibre, as the latter is classified as potentially carcinogenic. Though ceramic products withstand higher temperatures and chemical strain as compared with silicate fibre, their use requires the preliminary notification of the national working environment authority. Contact us for safety datasheets and consultancy concerning the application and disposal of fibre.

Insulating high-temperature fibre

Zampell stocks all the Skamol fireproof products for high-temperature application:

Moler bricks are light insulation bricks made from fossilised diatoms – moler, which is only available on the Danish islands, Fur and Mors. Moler bricks have a high insulation capacity and are acidproof, and they are used for back insulation in many high-temperature production plants.

Calcium Silicate (CaSi) plates are light plates of high insulation capacity that are mainly used as back insulation. Calcium Silicate plates are available in several qualities and dimensions. The plates are easy to cut to size.

Vermiculite plates are strong, pressurized insulating plates that can be used for back-insulation purposes but are mainly used as ’hot face’ for plants of low mechanical stress. Vermiculite is provided in several densities and can, where larger quantities are required, also be acquired in bespoke measures. All products are provided in different sizes.