Installation and service

Examples of installations performed by Zampell:

Maintenance & repair

Zampell A/S offers continuous maintenance of your plant and provides consultancy on such repair work as should be carried out – long-term and short-term. After each audit, a layout drawing will be prepared for the purpose of showing what has been replaced and what we expect will need repair at the next planned stop.

We carry materials in stock, and thus we can set out at very short notice in the event of the sudden and unexpected shutdown of a plant. In case of an emergency stop requiring swift repair work, we will typically apply injection casting or use a castable mass that will not require long drying-out time. We always provide consultancy on the optimal materials solution for an individual task – for instance on the basis of temperature and resistance calculations. The choice of material will always be a weighing of material properties and price, combined with the customer’s requirements to service life as well as what will be physically feasible during a temporary downtime.

An inspection of the plant will emphasize such areas as require replacement here and now for the purpose of ensuring continued operations – we only replace such items as are agreed upon with the customer.

In-house service (Zampell assembly shop)

Zampell A/S provides the insulation and brick-lining of movable units, performed in our own assembly shop: Flue ducts, after-burning chambers, kilns and furnaces, burners, shutters and lids – are all examples of movable units in steel which we have insulated and cast at our assembly shop in Sdr. Omme. After casting, we offer controlled gas-fired drying out of the production items, at up to 250°C.

Carrying out installation and drying-out at our shop means:

  • Shorter installation time at the customer
  • Less (or none) drying out at the end user
  • Shorter downtime of the plant
  • Less planning and coordination at the end user
  • Less space requirement at the end user – in terms of materials and equipment

De-slagging and demolition of brickwork

The provision of de-slagging and demolition of brickwork is an element in the Zampell A/S service. Demolition will be carried out in collaboration with our customer pursuant to an inspection and assessment of the existing brickwork. We will not break down more brickwork than necessary.

The demolition of smaller areas of brickwork will be carried out manually by way of pneumatic hammers, but we are also well-versed in demolition by way of a demolition robot (Brokk machine) that can be controlled well away from the working area. We collaborate with several external partners experienced in demolition and de-slagging of larger areas by way of a water-flushing robot (in particular for boiler walls) or blasting.

Corundum and glass-blasting

Zampell A/S performs corundum and glass-blasting of e.g. turbines, high-pressure steam pipes and valves.

This is a highly efficient and controlled method which will remove even the worst magnesite build-up. After the blasting process, the various turbine parts will have an incredibly smooth and level surface. This efficient blasting will thus increase the operating efficiency of the turbine. After the blasting of pipes, a quality inspection can be performed for the purpose of controlling pipe thickness and potential fractures.

Zampell can also perform sandblasting tasks.

Corrosion protection

We provide corrosion protection of boiler walls with a high-temperature coating, withstanding up to 600◦C. This is particularly relevant for biomass boilers and incinerators. This coating is applied after sandblasting and, subsequently, a primer layer will be applied followed by a top coating. Our people are equipped with fresh-air supplied respiratory protective equipment and special work suits during their performance of the work.