Waste incineration plants - Completed  and serviced for more than 40 years.

Crematory stoves - Completed and serviced since 1988 and in recent years we have installed several new plants in Sweden, Norway and Denmark in Denmark . The stoves are mainly made with refractory bricks, but also precast bricks is done in large scale .

Fume - Completed and serviced since 1986 with more than half of the plants located abroad much of this is done as "on - site" . We have extensive experience with large projects outside Denmark.

Biomass plants - since 2004 , we have installed refractory brickwork in a large number of boilers and to a large extent used its own production of precast bricks and turn arches.

Tiles - since 2000 , we have delivered and installed JuSyS tiles that provide a 100% effective boiler pipe protection. The tiles have a long life , economic advantageous and require less installation hours.

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