About us

Values and history

Zampell is an international organisation that is headquartered in USA where it has 9 offices. Zampell Denmark consists of two departments – in Jutland and Zealand, respectively. Together with our sister organisations in England, we make up ’Zampell Europe’.

Zampell A/S was founded in 2014 as the result of a merger between the companies Schmidt & Danielsen A/S in Sdr. Omme and Refcon A/S in Næstved – both companies having been active in the market for two generations. We have retained both locations as well as project managers and fitters, and we now operate as a united team all across Denmark, drawing on knowledge and competences from the entire group.

We have more than 50 years’ experience within calculation, consultancy and installation of fireproof constructions for a wide range of industries in Denmark and abroad. Our motto ‘Lasting fireproof service’ describes our approach to the work: We strive to ensure the constant delivery of the best service and the highest quality – with respect to consultancy as well as our performance of the tasks, regardless of the size and complexity of the assignment. We deliver the complete solution, comprising construction calculations and materials pursuant to your requirements and desires.

Safety and a sound working environment are crucial to our approach to the work – pertaining to own employees as well as the customers’ plants. Zampell A/S is ISO45001 certified and has a systematic approach to safety.

In addition to our office and warehouse in Sdr. Omme, we also have our concrete factory where, on an annual basis, we manufacture more than 600 tonnes of pre-cast elements. These production items may either be customer specific or standard elements designed by our engineers. In addition to our office and materials warehouse, the Næstved-department also constitutes our primary warehouse with respect to the sale of insulating and fireproof materials.


Safety and working environment

Safety is of crucial importance at Zampell. We have carried out risk assessment and performed method description for every standard work procedure; and we moreover make a workplace specific risk assessment prior to stepping into a furnace/boiler etc. We always enter into a dialogue about the workplace’s fit-up work prior to an assignment and, likewise, we participate in safety briefings etc. on the sites.

Our fitters all wear personal protective gear as a minimum. And during specific assignments, such as e.g. work with fibre materials, they wear power-operated respiratory protection. Naturally, we comply with all site-specific requirements where such may go beyond Zampell’s own requirements to protective gear.

We achieved ISO45001 certification in 2019, which means that we work in pursuance of a specific working- environment management system which is subject to annual audits. On the Danish Working Environment Authority’s website it can be seen that we have been awarded a ‘crown smiley’.

Trades and systems serviced by us

  • Waste-energy plant
  • Biomass boilers
  • Power-station boilers
  • Boilers and burners
  • Any type of industrial oven
  • Processing plants
  • Crematorium furnaces
  • Maritime plants
  • Exhaust gas cleaning systems
  • Thermal storage plants
  • Metal tooling and hardening
  • And many more, contact us for possibilities

A selection of our collaborative partners

Vulcan Refractories Ltd.

Like us, Vulcan Refractories Ltd. www.vulcanrefractories.com in England is a part of Zampell. Vulcan manufactures compression moulded refractory elements and, naturally, we shall be pleased to sell these products as well as provide consultancy thereon.

HASLE Refractories A/S

HASLE Refractories A/S www.hasle-refractories.com is the sole manufacturer of refractory castables in Denmark. We market the HASLE products in Denmark and can supply their entire product programme.

Skamol Group

Skamol Group www.skamol.com manufactures moler bricks, plates in calcium silicate and vermiculite with fine insulating and fire-resistant properties. We sell Skamol’s solutions for all high-temperature applications.


UNIFRAX www.unifrax.com is a manufacturer of silicate fibre and ceramic fibre used for technical and fire-resistant insulation as well as fire protection. The fibres are supplied as loose fill (in bulk), as rolls (blankets), plates (boards) and paper – all of different density and thickness. Zampell is Unifrax’ Danish agent and, in addition to stocking a comprehensive selection of their standard products, we also have access to Unifrax’ complete product range.